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At the bottom of the garden within sight of the beach is an exclusive mini-restaurant that serves a selection of seafood dishes. All of the seafood is purchased locally ‘fresh off the boat’ as soon as the catch of the day is landed on the beach. Featured seafood dishes include prawns and shrimps, lobster, cuttlefish, fresh crab and tuna. Open All Year Round.

With some advance notice, we will be pleased to offer specially tailored meals including vegetarian meal options, Halal food and gluten-free meals. Guests are welcome to discuss menus and meal preferences with our Chef at any time. Cookery classes and demonstrations are easily arranged upon request.

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Our clever kitchen team creates delicious food from fresh, local ingredients available throughout the day from our inspired menu. All our food is freshly prepared and the menu is sophisticated. As we cook your meal to order, the principle is good food, not fast food.


Dinner consists of a special 4 course set menu that alternates between Sri Lankan and Western options on a daily basis. Sri Lankan meals feature rare and tasty local vegetables sourced from the local Weligama market.

All meals feature a choice of chicken, fish, beef or mutton as per local availability. For long stay guests, meals are specially discussed along with the Chef in order to provide a daily variety of meal options during the length of their stay at the hotel. Meals are served in the Dining Verandah, Living Room or Rooms And Suites as per guest’s preference.